We know that as a property manager you are probably looking for the latest solutions for managing and adding value to your assets. The key to having quality buildings resides in the details and setting the right music for your property might make the difference to enhance your brand in the marketplace.

We understand that managing sound across several properties is complex, each might have several zones and different sound systems in place. To make your life easy, we want to give you a way to centrally set a specific sound for each zone and is compatible with all sound systems. Whether your sector of real estate is residential, commercial or industrial, your tenants will experience the high quality environment you want to project, and drive added value to your property.

Explicit content is filtered in order to provide hours of music appropriate for all ages.
Does your property have different areas like gyms, waiting rooms or spas? Set different types of music in each one of them and control them all from a central interface on your own device.
Do it legally. Playing music in public spaces, including common areas in private properties, requires a different license than playing it for your personal use. We cover all of them needed for public use in the USA and Canada.
We are available through the web, our iOS app, SONOS or a dedicated player, providing the option that best suits your needs, so no need to make investments in a specific sound system.
Save energy and avoid noise at late hours by scheduling the music in your property so it automatically starts in the morning and shuts off at night, or set different stations to play throughout the day.
Our stations are automatically refreshed, so you can always enjoy new music with no effort. Of course, you can change your programming at any time through our easy-to-use web based interface and our dedicated team is available at all times if you need support.
Get access to all our curated stations. Mix and schedule music to create the perfect sound for your business, control different locations from a central account, upload and program messages.
75+ stations
Curated Selection
$29.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually
Business Premium
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The ultimate music subscription for business that blends SOUNDMACHINE's robust scheduling and management features with Napster's powerful music programming technology and catalog.
Unlimited Stations
Millions of Songs
$34.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually