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Choose or create your station

Pick your ideal sound from more than 500 curated stations. Import your playlists from your favorite music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Appropriate music for everyone

Stations are free of explicit content, with the option to ban specific songs you do not feel are appropriate for your customers. Dynamic compression of tracks is in place to avoid variations in volume.

Dedicated music concierge

If you don't know what type of music is best for your restaurant, get in touch with our sound design team. We are pleased to help you make the perfect selection!


Playing music at your restaurant requires a different set of licenses than music for personal enjoyment. If you operate out of the U.S. or Canada, all of the necessary rights to play music at your business are included in our subscription fees. For any other country, please visit our licensing page.

Music for restaurants. Licenced for business.

Mix stations

There are many types of restaurants serving a wide range of foods, all with their own identity. With our simple and intuitive web interface, you can create your own combination of stations for the perfect match to your restaurant's true self.

Schedule stations and mixes

As the day goes by, you might want to create different ambiences. You'll be able to schedule stations to adapt your music to the time of day. Set the most upbeat music for busy hours and more mellow tunes for relaxed moments. Build your atmosphere to custom-fit your needs.

Program messages

Incorporate promotional messages to come through at exact times or precise intervals. Messages can be grouped for more complex scheduling and to make it easier to program them across multiple locations. We can even create them for you.

Control content across locations

If you own more than one restaurant, you can link each restaurant to your account and manage their music content from one interface.

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