One of the most effective tools to improve the perception your clients have of your business is to play the right music for your restaurant.

Did you know that having more mellow music will make your customers stay longer and spend more on drinks? That if you turn on French music, customers are more likely order French wines? And that people perceive the food tastier when background music is congruent with the theme of the restaurant? So why not take advantage of it?

We are here to help you by providing a fully licensed and expertly curated music service for restaurants. Our aim is to give you the necessary tools to create the sound that best fits your place of business.

Unlimited Music Selection

Hundreds of stations and an infinity of custom stations to create from your favorite artists and songs!


Music for restaurants that’s free of explicit content and with dynamic compression of tracks to avoid variations in volume.


Not sure which content to use, or how to create the right mix for your business? Let our Sound Design Team help you!


Create your own combination of stations to generate a unique environment for your restaurant.


Choose and schedule music for your restaurant, and create the perfect atmosphere throughout the day, whether it’s upbeat music for the busy hours or mellow tunes for relaxed moments.


If you own more than one establishment, you can link them to your account and manage their music content from one interface.
Get access to all our curated stations. Mix and schedule music to create the perfect sound for your business, control different locations from a central account, upload and program messages.
75+ stations
Curated Selection
$29.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually
Business Premium
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The ultimate music subscription for business that blends SOUNDMACHINE's robust scheduling and management features with Napster's powerful music programming technology and catalog.
Unlimited Stations
Millions of Songs
$34.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually