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is music service
for business
Create your own unique Sound by mixing our skillfully curated playlists. Playlists are constantly updated to keep them fresh and hip.
Day part
Schedule your mix or playlist and set the correct mood throughout the day.
Incorporate promotional messages to come through at exact times or precise intervals. We can even create them for you.
Multiple locations
Top-down content management: link an unlimited number of users to your account and manage their music content and promotional messages.
Custom playlist
Tell us your company’s story, and we will handcraft customized Playlists that are painstakingly designed for your brand and the environment you want your customers to find themselves in.
Music creation
We know music and how to use it as a tool that drives your customers and gets results! Let’s work together to create customized music that delivers your target message with flair.
Music supervision
If you have an event, advertising campaign, video or anything coming up that needs a shot of adrenaline, our team is here to help you choose just the right sound.
We know how to keep it legal. SOUNDMACHINE is here not only to help you gain licensing for all of your awesome content, but to show you the ins and outs of putting that content to work both domestically and abroad.
All you need is a computer and a trusty Internet connection, then you are good to go!
Feel the power of our tasty grooves with dedicated hardware. Just plug in our Player to your company's sound system and Internet, then kick out the jams! Music will continue to play even if the Internet goes down!
iOS App
Never be apart from the SOUNDMACHINE experience by taking us with you on your phone or tablet. Compatible with AllPlay and Google Cast Audio sound systems through our iOS app.
Third Party Devices
Available directly using wireless speaker systems including SONOS and dedicated hardware streamers including Fusion. We are currently working with more third party developers to bring this integration to more devices.
Business Class
You get access to all of our curated playlists. That translates into countless hours of musical nirvana!
60+ playlists
Available on Sonos
First Class
Our sound designers will build a custom playlist for you based on your target audience's tastes, moods and whatever else drives them to stay loyal to your brand.
Custom playlists
Available on Sonos
The service is fully licensed for business use within your commercial environment. No additional licenses to perform music in public are required if you are based in the US (BMI, ASCAP and SESAC) or Canada (SOCAN and RE:SOUND).