Music for Business FAQ

Music for business can be confusing, but we're here to help. Our FAQ page provides clear answers to your questions about music licensing and usage. Discover how the right music can enhance your business environment and boost customer satisfaction.

SoundMachine for Business

What is the SoundMachine music service?

SoundMachine is a premier music for business service, designed to enhance the customer experience across all types of industries. We offer an extensive library of licensed tracks and customizable playlists that suit retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and offices. SoundMachine has seamless integration with existing sound systems and offers advanced scheduling options, allowing businesses to create the right ambience at any time. By choosing SoundMachine, businesses elevate their brand image, engage customers, and ensure all music is legally licensed, making us a top choice in music streaming for business.

Music for Business Basics

I'm new to background music for business. Where do I start?

Starting with background music for business is easy with SoundMachine. First, understand the type of atmosphere you want to create, whether it's a relaxed ambience for a cafe, an energetic vibe for a retail store, or a sophisticated feel for a hotel lobby. Next, explore SoundMachine's extensive library of licensed music, which offers customizable playlists and stations. Finally, schedule your music mix (with multi-location support) and your business now has the perfect vibe.

Download our Music for Business Guide to get started and transform your business environment today.

How much is a music license for a business?

The cost of a music license for business with SoundMachine is straightforward and affordable. SoundMachine offers a Business plan at $26.95 per month and a Business Premium plan at $33.95 per month. These plans include all necessary music licensing fees, providing access to an extensive library of licensed tracks and customizable playlists perfect for your business.

For larger enterprises or businesses with specific needs, SoundMachine also offers custom enterprise solutions. By choosing SoundMachine, you can manage your background music costs effectively while ensuring full compliance with music licensing requirements, creating the perfect ambience for your customers.

How do I stream music for business?

Streaming music for your business with SoundMachine is a simple and efficient process. Here's how you can get started:

  • Sign Up for a Plan: Choose the plan that best suits your business needs — either the Business plan at $26.95 per month or the Business Premium plan at $33.95 per month. For larger businesses, consider SoundMachine's enterprise solutions.
  • Set Up Your Account: Once you've selected a plan, create an account on the SoundMachine platform. You'll gain access to our extensive library of licensed music tracks and customizable playlists.
  • Download the App or Connect Your Device: You can stream music directly from the SoundMachine app available on iOS and Android devices, our dedicated player, or through compatible devices such as Sonos and others.
  • Customize Your Playlists: Use SoundMachine's user-friendly interface to create and customize playlists that match your business. You can schedule different playlists for different times of the day to ensure the perfect ambience at all times.
  • Enjoy Licensed Music: With everything set up, you can now stream music legally in your business, setting the perfect tone for your customers.

BMI Music Licensing

Who needs a BMI music license?

A BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) music license is needed by any business or organization that plays music in a public setting. This includes a wide range of businesses, such as:

  • Retail Stores: Any store that plays background music to enhance the shopping experience for customers.
  • Restaurants and Cafés: Establishments that use music to create a pleasant dining atmosphere.
  • Hotels and Hospitality Venues: Places that play music in lobbies, bars, restaurants, or guest rooms.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers: Facilities that play music to motivate and energize their clients.
  • Salons and Spas: Businesses that play calming or ambient music to create a relaxing environment.
  • Offices and Workspaces: Companies that use background music to improve employee morale and productivity.
  • Event Venues: Spaces that host events, including conferences, weddings, and parties, where music is played.
  • Bars and Nightclubs: Establishments that rely heavily on music to attract patrons and create a lively atmosphere.

Essentially, any business or organization that uses music as part of its customer or employee experience needs a BMI music license to legally play copyrighted music. This license ensures that the artists, songwriters, and composers are fairly compensated for the public performance of their music.

By using SoundMachine, businesses can simplify the licensing process. We cover all necessary licensing fees in our subscription plans, ensuring compliance with BMI and other performance rights organizations.

What is BMI music license?

A BMI music license is a legal authorization that allows businesses and organizations to play copyrighted music publicly. BMI is one of the major performance rights organizations (PROs) in the United States, representing songwriters, composers, and music publishers. The license ensures that these creators receive compensation whenever their music is played in a public setting.

How much does a BMI music license cost?

With SoundMachine, the cost of a BMI music license is included in our subscription plans, ensuring you are fully compliant with all music licensing requirements. We offer three pricing tiers:

  • Business: Priced at $26.95 per month, this plan provides access to an extensive library of licensed music, customizable playlists, and seamless integration with your existing sound system. It includes all necessary music licensing fees, including BMI, making it an affordable option for small to medium-sized businesses like retail stores, cafes, and offices.
  • Business Premium: At $33.95 per month, the Premium plan offers additional features, custom playlist import, and increased number of stations. Like the Business plan, it also covers all music licensing fees, including BMI, ensuring compliance while providing an enhanced music experience suitable for larger establishments.
  • Enterprise Solutions: For larger businesses or those with unique requirements, SoundMachine offers custom enterprise solutions. Pricing for these solutions varies based on the size and music for business needs of the company. These solutions include comprehensive music licensing coverage, including BMI and ASCAP, tailored to fit the scale and scope of large enterprises, multi-location businesses, or specialized venues.

Pandora for Business

How does Pandora for business work?

All music provided by Pandora for Business and SoundMachine is fully licensed and legal to play in stores and businesses. If you use either of these providers to play music, you will not be in violation of any laws.

However, while Pandora for Business and SoundMachine both only play music that has been legally licensed for use in businesses, Pandora for Business's music catalog is more limited than SoundMachine's.

On top of paying a monthly fee to access Pandora for Business's catalog, an additional audio player, costing $99.00, is required to play their music. In contrast, SoundMachine offers more flexibility. No dedicated player is required, and you can easily play music from the web or iOS and Android apps.

How much is Pandora for business?

Pandora for Business is priced at $26.95 per month. This subscription fee includes access to Pandora's music library, customized stations, and all necessary music licensing fees, ensuring compliance with copyright laws for commercial use.

Pandora for Business requires a Mood Media player to stream the music. The initial setup may include a one-time purchase cost for the hardware, though some promotions might offer discounts or bundled pricing.

Does Pandora for business work with Sonos?

Yes, Pandora for Business works with Sonos. Businesses can stream Pandora for Business through Sonos speakers using the Mood Media player, which integrates with the Sonos system.

Pandora for Business costs $26.95 per month and requires the Mood Media player for integration with Sonos, focusing on station-based customization. In contrast, SoundMachine offers direct integration with Sonos, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

SoundMachine provides more flexibility with customizable playlists and advanced scheduling features, making it a more versatile option for businesses looking to tailor their music experience throughout the day.

Spotify for Business

How do I get Spotify for business?

Spotify is a non-commercial music streaming service intended for personal use. While individuals can stream music on Spotify, businesses require a fully licensed service to play music legally in commercial settings. For this purpose, services like SoundMachine are ideal.

SoundMachine offers a cost-effective solution, with plans starting at $26.95 per month. SoundMachine allows you to import your Spotify playlists directly into its system, enabling you to create custom mixes tailored to your business.

How much is Spotify for business?

Spotify for Business is no longer available as a direct service. Instead, businesses can use services such as SoundMachine to utilize Spotify's extensive music library for commercial use.

Import your Spotify playlists directly into SoundMachine's platform, creating custom mixes without the higher cost.

Do Spotify business accounts exist?

Spotify business accounts no longer exist in the form originally offered by Spotify.

Is it legal to play Spotify in a business?

No, it is not legal to play Spotify in a business. Spotify's terms of service specify that the platform is for personal, non-commercial use only. Playing Spotify in a business setting, such as a retail store, restaurant, or office, violates these terms and can result in legal ramifications, including fines and penalties for copyright infringement.

For businesses that want to play music legally, SoundMachine provides fully licensed music for commercial use.

Can I play Spotify in my business?

No, you cannot play Spotify in your business. Spotify's terms of service clearly state that the platform is for personal, non-commercial use only.

To legally play music in your business, you should try SoundMachine. SoundMachine provides fully licensed music specifically for commercial use, ensuring you stay compliant with copyright laws. We offer a vast library of music, customizable playlists to suit your brand's ambience, and advanced scheduling features to set the right mood throughout the day.

Apple Music for Business

How do I get Apple Music for business?

Apple Music does not offer a specific service for business use. To legally play music in a commercial setting, you need a service that provides fully licensed music for businesses.

SoundMachine is an excellent alternative. You can even import your personal Apple Music playlists into SoundMachine for use in your business. To get started, visit the SoundMachine website and sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Sonos for Business

How do I get Sonos for business?

To get Sonos for business, start by purchasing and setting up Sonos speakers suitable for your location using the Sonos app. Next, subscribe to SoundMachine. Start with a free trial or plans starting at $26.95 per month.

Integrate your SoundMachine account with your Sonos system to stream fully licensed music. Finally, customize and schedule your playlists through SoundMachine, ensuring a perfect ambience for your business while staying compliant with music licensing laws.