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Choose your station

Pick your ideal sound from more than 500 curated stations. Select across a wide variety of genres ranging from pop to indie, from rock to ambient. Once you pick your playlists, use the slider to play only mellow or upbeat songs.

Create your station

Import your playlists from your favorite music service like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

Mix stations

Combine different playlists to find the sound and variety you are looking for. Use our simple and intuitive web interface to create your own combination of stations, with the option to decide how much each station should weight in your mix.

Schedule stations and mixes

Schedule stations and mixes to match music to the time of day. Set the most upbeat music for busy hours and more mellow tunes for relaxed moments. Build your atmosphere to custom-fit your needs.

Program messages

Incorporate promotional messages to come through at exact times or precise intervals. Messages can be grouped for more complex scheduling and to make it easier to program them across multiple locations. We can even create them for you.

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Control content across multiple users

Manage music content and messages across multiple locations and zones from one easy-to-use interface. Set up your users with different degrees of access to content.

Choose from multiple devices

Play your favorite tunes from your device of choice. Stream content via web, iOS and Android apps, or a third-party device such as Sonos. Our dedicated hardware players provide a reliable cost-effective solution that can be configured remotely and controlled from a mobile app. Learn more.

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