Music is one of the main pillars of entertainment. Whether at a movie theater, a casino, or an auditorium before the start of a concert, the key of entertainment shows is that the public must be amused at all times. And the enemy of this amusement is silence.

In casinos, the use of psychology can create a favorable environment for consumption and spending. Therefore, the setting has been crafted strategically: there are no clocks on the walls, and the music is always on to help keep gamblers more relaxed (and thus lead to higher bets). The effects are the similar across every environment related to entertainment.

Entertainment venues are businesses, and therefore need special music licenses that differ from those used for personal use. SOUNDMACHINE covers both personal and business needs, creating a special environment for customers to relax while provide establishments with all the required licenses.

Schedule the music for entertainment venues so that in stops and starts exactly when you want it to. Program a specific playlist for days with special events. Automatize each playlist from your computer, without the need to adjust settings on-location.
Do you want different music in the lounge and the main hall? Separate playlists with the multiple locations feature, allowing you to differentiate settings and control them from a central account.
SOUNDMACHINE has filters for offensive words so that you can play music in any environment without worrying about whether children are present. Also, you can block any songs that you don’t want to hear, crafting a customized environment for your business.
Get access to all our curated stations. Mix and schedule music to create the perfect sound for your business, control different locations from a central account, upload and program messages.
75+ stations
Curated Selection
$29.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually
Business Premium
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The ultimate music subscription for business that blends SOUNDMACHINE's robust scheduling and management features with Napster's powerful music programming technology and catalog.
Unlimited Stations
Millions of Songs
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*Per subscription, billed annually