Nowadays, businesses all over the world require more and more simplicity in order to concentrate on the most essential issues and remain competitive. The well-known wireless speaker system SONOS helps your establishment with that challenge by achieving a clean look, no wires running up the walls, and giving you all the control from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

By partnering with SONOS, we are globally available on their platform: now you can enjoy the best music in your business with a fast and easy setup. Have access hundreds of stations, which you can combine to create a unique mix and schedule to play at different times.

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Background music is an indispensable element of any business, and that is why a rock-solid system is needed. SONOS is a wireless system that uses a private network instead of Wi-Fi, which eliminates interferences and ensures reliable performance.
SONOS’ premise is that it works by connecting devices to your home network, which you can do directly using their dedicated controller app. This secure mesh network called Sonosnet is known for being especially easy to connect. SONOS comes with integrated apps which include SOUNDMACHINE.
By using a wireless connection, SONOS doesn’t need to be connected to an Ethernet cable, allowing you to put the speakers at strategic points in your business without worrying about the reach of those cables. This makes having a clean and professional look simple to achieve.
Get access to all our curated stations. Mix and schedule music to create the perfect sound for your business, control different locations from a central account, upload and program messages.
90+ stations
Curated Selection
$29.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually
Business Premium
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The ultimate music subscription for business that blends SOUNDMACHINE's robust scheduling and management features with Napster's powerful music programming technology and catalog.
Unlimited Stations
Millions of Songs
$34.95 billed monthly
*Per subscription, billed annually