SoundMachine is part of Vodafone’s portfolio in Spain and Italy

July 4, 2015 – SoundMachine is now part of Vodafone Enterprise Spain and Italy product portfolios. It provides a commercial music service solution for Vodafone Enterprise customers with business establishments, such as retailers, hotels, and restaurants. SoundMachine, which is licensed for business use, provides these types of businesses with a quality customer experience while managing all their audio content online in a simple and intuitive way.

One of the best success stories resulting from this partnership is Compañia del Tropico, a coffee shop chain carrying Café y Te and Panaria brands. Across their 240+ locations, customers can now go for a meal and enjoy an environment shaped by SoundMachine-sourced music. Here’s a video on how Café y Te uses our service via Vodafone Spain.

Any company that wants to be successful in the 21st century needs to establish a clear and defined digital operational model that improves the results and optimizes their business. By focusing on international partnerships, SoundMachine can help companies prepare for the digital world.

SoundMachine is one of the three pillars on which Vodafone wants to build their capacity to help their companies navigate their digital transformation and utilize “the Cloud”. SoundMachine, being an online service, provides easy access to background music in businesses and their operations through the web platform.

This partnership with Vodafone is a step forward in the expansion of SoundMachine’s presence in Europe, and signals additional future agreements of this kind – allowing them to continue offering help to companies on an international level.

About SoundMachine

Founded in 2008 by brothers Matteo and Daniele Luppi, SoundMachine brings commercial background music to the fore with a subscription-based service that gives business owners everything they need to create a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience in their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas, or other locations. Clients can choose from three levels of service, with all subscribers receiving full Public Performance licensing in the U.S. and Canada, access to SoundMachine’s collection of professionally curated playlists, and the ability to mix playlists to create the perfect audio backdrop, insert promotional messages, schedule different types of music for different times of day, and control music in multiple chain locations from a central account. Subscribers to the Enterprise plan can also request a custom playlist created specifically for their needs, and those who sign up for Business Premium powered by Napster receive access to an expanded catalog of millions of songs and hundreds of curated stations, along with the ability to create their own custom stations starting from a single artist or song, building a consistent mood. SoundMachine now serves more than 10,000 locations across several countries, with customers including major fashion luxury brands such as Loewe (LVMH Group) and La Perla; hotel, restaurant, and coffee shop chains; and thousands of medium to small businesses. SoundMachine partners include major telecom companies, such as Vodafone, as well as thousands of AV installers.

About Vodafone

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