streaming music for business

Streaming Music for Business

February 16, 2021
Services that stream music for business are not the same ones you would use at home, in the same way that home insurance and a business’ insurances are very different. [...]

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Music for hotels: best practices

December 29, 2020
Background music may not be the most present worry on a hotel manager’s mind, but it is definitely one of the most important ones. [...]

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New Surroundscapes podcast episode features SoundMachine

August 26, 2020
The August 25th episode featured Matteo Luppi, CEO of SoundMachine. [...]

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audio messaging

How businesses are using audio messages in the COVID-19 era

July 28, 2020
With the global pandemic redefining the business world as we once knew it, many companies are being forced to rethink how they communicate and deliver [...]

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av dealers

The rise of hybrid revenue models for AV dealers

May 29, 2020
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is calling into question how business works, and specifically how individual businesses adjust to new challenges and new opportunities. [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Installing a Commercial Sound System

February 7, 2019
Choosing and installing the right commercial sound system for your business might seem a bit complicated. Don’t worry! [...]

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