The rise of hybrid revenue models for AV dealers

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is calling into question how business works, and specifically how individual businesses adjust to new challenges and new opportunities. For example, although remote work (work from home) has been part of the business landscape for many years, it is suddenly part of the new norm as businesses in all sectors finds ways for their employees to remain safe and productive. For some businesses, these challenging times allow for strengths to be highlighted; for others, areas of weakness are thrust into the spotlight.

For many companies, coronavirus has moved them to explore new, hybrid models of revenue that generate income through several pathways at the same time. The benefits of a hybrid revenue model are numerous:

  • Expanding market presence with new product or service offerings.
  • Expanding market reach through new sales or delivery platforms.
  • Adding recurring or passive revenue to an existing business model.
  • Create enhanced customer experience, which increases long-term loyalty and increases return business.
  • Mitigating risk by enhancing resilience and ensuring that events like coronavirus are no longer unexpected or radically disruptive.

Like many businesses,   AV dealers and installers are suffering through a dramatic reduction in revenue. One area that can add value to customers while working to enhance a hybrid revenue model is providing curated music. With every sound system installed into a local business, restaurant, hotel, or medical building, a dealer can now offer fully curated music built specifically for the environment a client is looking for. All the details of in-store music are also tricky to learn, with laws and regulations governing what can be played, how it can be played, and where it can be played.

At SoundMachine, we have the expertise that takes the guesswork out of adding curated music to your business catalogue. Through our partner program, AV dealers and installers can

  • strengthen their business
  • add a revenue stream
  • enhance customer experience and satisfaction

with no risk to their current business. Through our dedicated Partner Portal every client gets what they need when they need it in order to bring curated music to their customers. Partners can also rely on SoundMachine’s 24/7 technical support team for the best in client support and guidance.

Looking to add value to your AV business today? Visit SoundMachine at and let the music of making more money be part of your future.