Spotify now on your business

Using Spotify within a business is an expansive practice. The popular platform grants you the comfort of creating and playing your own playlists. You have the choice of keeping your individual playlists either public or private, deciding whether others will be able to have access to it, and because of this you also have the ability to  choose from millions of other playlists that different people have created. The options are nearly unlimited!

Playlists are believed to be the albums of the streaming era. Currently, Spotify has over 248 million active users, with a large majority using the platform for personal use. This poses an important question as to whether Spotify can be used for businesses or within commercial environments.

As it is specified within the terms and conditions, the purpose of Spotify is solely made for personal use, and is not allowed to be used within commercial environments. Essentially, it does not cover the necessary rights to play music within business establishments, granted by ASCAP, BMI, GMR and SESAC in the United States, and by SOCAN and RE:SOUND in Canada. This, therefore, makes using Spotify for businesses illegal.

These organizations have workers who do regular check-ups on businesses, and can set huge fines if they find anyone at fault for breaking the rules. BMI, for example, were found to have fined a restaurant owner 30,450 USD simply for playing four songs from within their repertoire.

How do you avoid this? SoundMachine is the solution! It gives you the valuable ability to import your playlists over to the SoundMachine platform in a way that is both seamless and legal. SoundMachine pays the necessary rights that are required to play music in commercial settings and grants you the ability to listen to all of the music you had in your playlists, for a much more affordable price than it would have been to pay directly to the PROs. SoundMachine is specifically directed towards businesses and, as a result, the playlists have different features from Spotify, such as with the ability to manage multiple users or set up different playlists for separate parts of the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up an account with SoundMachine today!