What’s the Best Music Streaming Service for Businesses?

February 28, 2022
Background music is vital to businesses. It can affect customer behaviors, impact sales, and create an atmosphere that strengthens your brand. The simplest way to [...]

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Is Mellow or Upbeat Music Better For Your Business?

January 9, 2022
Music is powerful. Music is emotional. Music can make or break your customer’s experience.  According to a 2019 interview with Matt Alexander, CEO of Neighborhood [...]

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SoundMachine is Better for Your Business than SiriusXM

December 2, 2021
There is more to playing music in your business than simply choosing a radio station and plugging it into the overhead speakers. The music must [...]

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The rise and fall of Muzak

October 31, 2020
How did such popularly unpleasant music get to be in all the small corners of our lives? [...]

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bmi license cost

How much does a BMI license cost?

September 25, 2020
BMI is in charge of giving you the license to play the music they represent at your business. [...]

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New Surroundscapes podcast episode features SoundMachine

August 26, 2020
The August 25th episode featured Matteo Luppi, CEO of SoundMachine. [...]

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