Pandora for Business vs. SoundMachine

pandora for business

When taking into account how popular its version for consumers is in the United States, it’s just logical that Pandora for Business is one of the most sought-after music for business services in the country. Streaming overhead music with Pandora is not allowed as it does not pay the necessary fees to Performance Rights Organizations – however, Pandora for Business does cover the rights and costs that are needed to play music in commercial environments, while remaining loyal to the original concept of Pandora.

Pandora for Business: The Features

Pandora for Business has quite a few differences from its consumer version. First of all, you need to buy their dedicated player in order to listen to the music. You also cannot customize the playlists, a feature that is available in Pandora for consumers by selecting thumbs up or thumbs down on songs. This limitation of not being able to add or remove specific songs from a playlist makes it easier for explicit songs to appear. Despite having filters to avoid inadequate lyrics, sometimes songs are not marked as explicit and pass through the cracks.

While Pandora for consumers is not legal to use in a commercial environment, Pandora for Business covers all the rights of ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, so you do not have to pay anything else to protect yourself from big fines. However, it does not cover GMR, so songs in the repertoire of this Performance Rights Organizations cannot be played with it – such as Bruno Mars, Bruce Springsteen or Metallica.

The Alternative: SoundMachine

At SoundMachine, we have made our dedicated hardware player something optional: the music adapts to you. You can listen to SoundMachine from the web, from a great variety of hardware in which SoundMachine is present (Sonos, Dish, Bogen…), or from our app for IOS and android. Our service also offers you greater flexibility when it comes to making your playlists, with the possibility of mixing stations and importing your favorite playlists from other consumer music services, such as Apple Music or Spotify. This, in turn, gives you more control when it comes to excluding explicit songs and avoiding awkward moments with your clients. Lastly, SoundMachine also includes the rights to GMR’s songs, apart from the entire ASCAP, BMI and SESAC catalog. Try it here for free for 30 days.