Streaming Music for Business

streaming music for business

The last few years have been a transitional period for the music world. Things are changing at  skyrocketing speeds. With the boom of streaming, the era of the CDs and the era of digitally downloading songs have become almost obsolete. Streaming is now an integral part of our lives, and sometimes it’s hard to think of other methods of listening to music.

Can I use services like Spotify in my business?

Streaming services can be categorized into two groups: one of personal use and one for commercial use. Services that stream music for business are not the same ones you would use at home, in the same way that home insurance and a business’ insurances are very different. You shouldn’t use Spotify, Amazon Music or other recreational streaming platforms in a business, even in their Premium versions. If you check their terms and conditions, or their Frequently Asked Questions, you will find that it’s explicitly forbidden to do so, and you could face huge fines from collecting societies if you do.

The hardware for streaming music for business

The hardware that was once modeled for personal use, with exquisite designs and prioritizing comfort and response-speed, are now more and more used in commercial environments, with increasingly updated functionalities implemented for  business use. Others that have worked for years in the B2B industry are slowly turning to streaming for the maneuverability it offers. In the catalog of many hardware devices  you will find information on music for business services like SoundMachine. SoundMachine is currently in force with Sonos, Control4, Bluesound, Bogen, Dish, Fusion RD, Lode and NAD among others. And for smaller businesses who do not want to use external hardware that may sometimes be expensive, another way to play music in businesses without any need for extra hardware is through the web browser, which allows users to skip songs and change playlists in a beat.

The advantages of streaming

Often in commercial environments there is a tendency to bet for reliability, with robust systems that gave a sense of security. However, while technology is advancing, more people are choosing streaming, because at the end of the day in a practical situation, the music would be the least of your problems if the internet is not working. Plus, in these spaces where people are constantly walking and chatting, the music is in the background and doesn’t have to be so refined. The size of the files can be much smaller and take minimal bandwidth.  You can find the method of streaming music in your business that best suits you, try for free in here.