How businesses are using audio messages in the COVID-19 era

audio messaging

With the global pandemic redefining the business world as we once knew it, many companies are being forced to rethink how they communicate and deliver value to their customers. While we all discover the path to some type of new normal, technology is opening new and creative opportunities for brand messages to be incorporated elegantly and seamlessly into the new, COVID-19 era customer experience.

With audio technology more commonplace in restaurants and businesses than ever before, one valuable and easily implemented way of communicating is already at our fingertips. Modern businesses are looking for ways to enhance customer’s experience through the combined use of music and informative messages directed to the clients.

Just as curated music is a subtle, nuanced extension of a business brand, it can also become a subtle, nuanced extensions of its communication strategy. Programming messages between songs or at set intervals in the curated playlist is a sophisticated yet effective way to remind customers of social distancing, for instance, or to respect others by wearing masks when shopping. Not only is this method less intrusive than having staff reminding customers of the new safety protocols but it also allows staff to do more of what they are hired to do: serve customers and generate revenue.

 As a streaming music service specialized in creating brand-integrated soundscapes for businesses in any sector, SoundMachine makes it easy for you to upload and schedule messages into your stations. Easy to create and use with any recording device (even a phone), integrated audio messages are a cost-effective way to let your customers know you care about their health and safety. Message management is included free of charge in both Business and Business Premium plans.

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