SOUNDMACHINE offers an app for iOS that allows you to use your phone or tablet as a music source for your store. This is a great way to play music if your store already uses an iOS-based POS system, or has been using one for music playback. The iOS app features playback scheduling, mixes, and program notifications directly from our website. It’s the perfect remote player for users who need the flexibility of a portable device at their business with the reliability of a dedicated app.
The iOS app offers all the streaming options from our website you could ever need on a portable player. Selecting a schedule will automatically integrate the dayparting you have programmed, ensuring that you have the right vibe playing throughout the day. Mixes and stations are ready and waiting for playback at the press of a button.
The SOUNDMACHINE app allows you to utilize speakers you may already have installed in your store. It can connect with Google Chromecast or AllPlay, allowing you to multi-task with your phone or tablet without interrupting the streaming of audio content. You can also use any AirPlay-enabled device to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.
Our app runs in the background, so you can stay productive while the music is playing - no need to have a static phone or tablet reserved for music in your establishment.
Get access to all our curated stations. Mix and schedule music to create the perfect sound for your business, control different locations from a central account, upload and program messages.
75+ stations
Curated Selection
$29.95 billed monthly
*Per location, billed annually
Business Premium
Powered by
The ultimate music subscription for business that blends SOUNDMACHINE's robust scheduling and management features with Napster's powerful music programming technology and catalog.
Unlimited Stations
Millions of Songs
$34.95 billed monthly
*Per location, billed annualy