Italian Restaurant Music: The Importance of Authenticity

Common sense dictates that people feel more comfortable in Italian restaurants that play Italian restaurant music. Studies in music congruency back this up: when the music fits the restaurants, customers perceive it as a higher quality venue and are willing to pay more. SoundMachine takes this line of thought one step further and provides different styles of Italian music. Like this you can find one that best pleases the customers in your specific Italian restaurant.

Authentic Italian feel vs Italian-themed

The 21st century is all about the search for authenticity. We go traveling to countries that are different from ours and seek experiences that feel real. We try to do the same when we treat ourselves, like by going to a restaurant on a weekend, we still look for something real!

That is why the overall theme of an Italian restaurant is not enough anymore, as an owner you need to go further and think about the whole thing. Thematic touches will feel stereotyped if everything is not tied together properly. Because of this customers might seek other options if they feel that they’re not getting anything other than the best.

With the right resources, music can be one of the easiest ways to create an authentic vibe. At SoundMachine we have three Italian restaurant music stations that adapt to all of the vibes you are looking for, curated by Italian music experts. We know how beloved Italian restaurants are: we love those tortellini too.

The Italian Restaurant Music Stations

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita is one of our fan favorites. With composers such as Nino Rota and Piero Umiliani we composed a station full of songs from classic Italian film scores. The station is highly specialized music compared to what most people are looking to play in their businesses. It is also extremely pleasant and customer-friendly. Overall, the station has a lush, classical and jazzy feeling. We even have some users that are not Italian restaurants who like to play it at their businesses!

Italian Pop

Our Italian Pop station is specially designed for those businesses that are directed to Italian communities. As its name indicates, this station is straight current chart-topping Italian music. Because of the nature of pop music, this is the Italian station that gets updated with new music with a higher frequency. It makes it ideal for businesses close to Italian communities and with a consistent clientele.

Italian Songbook

The Italian Songbook station has the best selection of classic Italian pop songs from the 1950s onwards. A restaurant playing current Italian pop might bewilder American customers. However, Italian Songbook tracks would come across as what a non-Italian person would expect to find in an Italian restaurant. A sure choice for those who are looking for a fancy vibe that accompanies the meals while having a safer Italian feel.

You can try them out in our free trial by signing up for any of SoundMachine’s plans at, and enjoy 30 days of the best Italian tunes without even having to put your credit card information.