The art of choosing waiting room music for medical centers

One of the applications of SoundMachine that we appreciate the most is our music in hospitals and medical centers. Well-selected music helps patients calm down and have a better time in moments of stress. Creating a welcoming space in these types of centers is more crucial than anywhere else.

There is nothing more uneasy and tense than waiting room in silence, where the tension of the environment can be heard. Is there anything more discomforting than the ambient sound of a hospital? Playing music that eases this feeling provides an advantage in the evaluation that clients make of their experience and affects how patients receive the service. After spending time in a relaxing waiting room, entering a consultation with a peaceful attitude makes clients more responsive and makes work easier for professionals.

For this purpose, we recommend calm music, which adapts to an environment and takes advantage of the moment to represent the quality of the space. These small details undoubtedly mark the customer experience. This is how our clients who use SoundMachine, such as ADCS Clinics, LLC, Anne Arundel Dermatology, Gibson Area Hospital, Hillside Dental Care, or NorthWestern Medicine, feel in their establishments. Quality music helps them shine in their service to their clients.

SoundMachine offers multiple features that help medical centers. From our hundreds of playlists adapted to commercial establishments (in rhythm, free of inappropriate language) to the possibility of importing personal playlists from other services. All of this while keeping your business protected from the collecting societies who are in charge of making legal music reproduction. SoundMachine also includes day-parting, which allows users to create time slots in which the music plays. You can also create sub-spaces to assign different music at different time slots, ideal for large spaces with many rooms. Lastly, it is also possible to add messages for free to pass notices and announcements. Try a free 30-day trial without having to add card information.