Music for Breweries: 12 Stations for You

When we talk about restaurants, especially Mexican, Italian or any other specific type, it’s easy to think about what music works and what does not fit at all. However, when we talk about music for breweries, the lines are blurrier. The brewery boom is relatively recent, and each brewery has its own personality. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard to find the right sound for your brewery. SoundMachine’s curators have put together some suggestions to help you find the right fit!

Pop music

Pop is the ultimate people pleaser. Its broad appeal can make it a unifying force. SoundMachine offers many varieties of pop to to help your brewery maintain its own identity.

Note: Pop is also great if you want to emphasize the sweeter beers.

We propose:

ADULT CONTEMPORARY – MIX (90s-10s) – Radio hits from the 90s to today: If you’re looking to play pop music at your brewery, these familiar songs will please customers of all ages.

MIX: TOP POP – by Napster – Listen to this week’s trending pop tracks! & TRENDING POP – by Napster – Hot and remixed new singles now climbing pop charts, and ones that might be soon: If you’d like to stay on top of current pop trends, combine these two regularly-updated stations to have the perfect mix between what’s topping the charts right now and what will tomorrow.

80s POP – Handpicked radio memories: Give a nostalgic touch to your brewery with hits from the eighties. Everybody knows them, but it will also give a retro vibe to your business.


Rock music and beer have always gone together. Match your brewery’s attitude with SoundMachine’s wide selection of rock music for breweries.

We propose:

90s ROCK – Alternative Radio Staples: 90s rock in your brewery is like a shout of “hey, I know my stuff”. Your brewery is pure rock and this station is a proof of it.

70s-80s PUNK – The rebel albums collection *EXPLICIT: If the personality of your brewery is so badass that not even rock is enough, try this collection of the best punk songs. We are assuming that you won’t have any problem with explicit lyrics in a place that sells alcoholic beverages, because this station has no filters!

BRITROCK’S GREATEST RIFFS – by Napster – From Rebel Rebel to Clash City Rockers to Song 2: perfect to give a British touch to your business.


To be modern you need to be a little timeless. There are some music genres, both brand-new and vintage, that always fit and never get old, like jazz, R&B and funk.

We propose:

MODERN R&B AND SOUL – Avant-garde and electronic R&B: This station has a sexy touch, so if your brewery is frequented by young couples this might be your choice to go.

NU JAZZ – Funk influenced grooves from the contemporary Jazz scene: Perfect if you want the conversations to be the center of attention and to have a modern but not invasive background.

70s SOUL FUNK – Vintage funk & soul jazz: The perfect example of music for breweries that never get rusty, uplifts the mood and gives a very cool touch to your brewery.


Country music is a fan favorite when it comes to American listening audiences. From the hard-drinking outlaw stars of the 70s to the beer-soaked truck rhapsodies of today, it’s not surprising that these two fit so well together.

We propose:

TRENDING COUNTRY – by Napster: If you want to add a country touch to your brewery while keeping it in modern times, Trending Country might be your best choice!

OUTLAW COUNTRY HEIRS – by Napster: Outlaw country never died! For some modern country with a badass touch try this station for the best of current-day outlaw country

COUNTRY DANCE – by Napster – Country dance songs to scoot your boots to: Play this station by programming a Schedule to ensure that the most danceable country starts playing at the hours that you need it the most, especially if you have space for people to move their hips!

Extra tip: having the best music for breweries is just the start of it. Take advantage of SoundMachine’s feature to program voice messages to announce seasonal bears. You can also announce your happy hours and other specials.