SoundMachine is now available on SONOS

SoundMachine is now available on your SONOS to bring the best music into your business. The well-established reliability of SONOS offers business owners the perfect solution for light commercial installations. It’s both easy to use and absolutely professional-looking.

SONOS, which has been around since 2002, is widely known for their smart speakers. They offer excellent sound quality across its lineup with a range of prices. SoundMachine adapts to their multi-room features to provide the best possible service at locations where different areas require different music. Each can be controlled from SoundMachine’s central interface, whether on location or remotely.

By expanding the platforms that audio services are available on, SoundMachine provides newfound flexibility for small and medium businesses, adapting better to their needs without requiring costly structural changes to set up a new system. SoundMachine is the leading B2B streaming solution, offering all the features businesses need to successfully use music as a marketing tool. From creating custom mixes to scheduling content, inserting messages to handling multiple locations – SoundMachine has you covered.

SoundMachine is also available in its online streaming platform (where anyone can access from a computer with internet access), dedicated player, and iOS App.

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