New integration gives Autonomic users access to SoundMachine

May 12, 2021
SoundMachine has announced their integration with Autonomic and is now available across the entire line of Autonomic’s music servers. [...]

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bluesound professional

Bluesound Professional will have access to SoundMachine’s content

April 27, 2021
SoundMachine has announced an extension of its partnership with Lenbrook International. [...]

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pandora for business

Pandora for Business vs. SoundMachine

March 22, 2021
Choose the best option for you between all music services for business. [...]

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streaming music for business

Streaming Music for Business

February 16, 2021
Services that stream music for business are not the same ones you would use at home, in the same way that home insurance and a business’ insurances are very different. [...]

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SOCAN license cost

How much does a SOCAN license cost?

January 21, 2021
SOCAN represents thousands of artists and collects the fees and then distributes them to their respective beneficiaries: the singers and songwriters that you love so much. [...]

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Music for hotels: best practices

December 29, 2020
Background music may not be the most present worry on a hotel manager’s mind, but it is definitely one of the most important ones. [...]

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music for wine

Wine and music: a match made in heaven

November 27, 2020
For businesses that rely heavily on wine, music can be a key way to take the customers to the top of the wine tasting experience. [...]

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The rise and fall of Muzak

October 31, 2020
How did such popularly unpleasant music get to be in all the small corners of our lives? [...]

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bmi license cost

How much does a BMI license cost?

September 25, 2020
BMI is in charge of giving you the license to play the music they represent at your business. [...]

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