4 Spa Music Types That Work

When you think of ‘spa music’, you think a very generic type of music, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For spa owners, music is key to distinguish them from other spas and enhances their customer’s experience.

To make sure your clients have the best possible experience, we can add major improvements to the atmosphere with just some small tweaks in music. Instead of big investments like renovations and refits, changing the music is simple and easy. We’ve selected four music categories that will create an emotional connection with your customers and improve how they perceive their spa experience.

World Ambiance

World ambiance music will help you reach into your mind and transport you to other countries and far away regions. It’s one of the most commonly used types of spa music, which makes it standard and predictable. This music is instrument focused, so listeners find it more peaceful than electronic music. Matches best with: incenses, exotic environments.

Electronic Ambient

Electronic ambient music creates a more modern atmosphere in comparison with the more instrumental sounds. This type of spa music offers no distractions from recognizable instruments, which helps the mind flow without interruptions.


Setting classical music in your spa is a risky but sometimes very rewarding choice! This type of music creates an upscale, old school atmosphere and it’s always unexpected.  Stay away from big philharmonics and concertos and try going for smooth doses of piano and string instruments instead. The goal is to keep it cool while keeping it timeless.

Sounds of Nature

Another option is to try sounds of nature: water, animals (not very noisy ones) and field recordings. It has a surprising touch and works better in small doses. If you go too far you risk overwhelming your customers. Keep it simple! There are very few things more relaxing than contact with nature.

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