SoundMachine Partners with Bogen Communications for Integration

May 29, 2018 – SoundMachine, the premier music subscription service for business, has been integrated into Bogen Communication’s new C4000 solution, a new IP-based communications system optimized for commercial paging and audio distribution. C4000 helps small and large companies with their unique communication needs, and the integration with SoundMachine will allow businesses using the system to easily connect to the service and fill their locations with music selections fine-tuned to their brand.

The C4000 solution, which follows on the heels of Bogen’s award-winning education-focused E7000 system, allows businesses, industrial facilities, transportation hubs, retailers, restaurants, bars, and more to set up a state-of-the-art communications system throughout their physical locations, giving them the ability to make live pages, schedule announcements, play music, and otherwise communicate effectively throughout their facility – both indoors and outdoors, regardless of size. With SoundMachine access embedded on every C4000 system, these companies will have the ability to craft a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience.

SoundMachine provides full licensing for Public Performance within a client’s business environment in the U.S. (via ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange) and Canada (via SOCAN and RE:SOUND), with clients receiving access to professionally curated stations that can be mixed to create the perfect audio atmosphere. They can then pre-schedule those customized mixes to match the mood throughout the day or week. Users can also upload promotional messages to play at scheduled intervals or exact times along with the music, and SoundMachine’s top-down content management system allows users to link an unlimited number of locations or users to one account, making operating music and promotional messages a breeze for chains. SoundMachine also recently introduced a new subscription tier titled Business Premium powered by Napster, which allows users to create an even more personalized sound with custom playlists starting from an artist or song, as well as hundreds of Napster’s own curated stations. SoundMachine can also create custom playlists designed specifically for individual companies.

“SoundMachine’s goal has always been to make the lives of our business customers as seamless as possible, and our integration with Bogen’s C4000 system is a leap in that direction,” said Matteo Luppi, CEO of SoundMachine. “Small and large businesses now have the opportunity to service their communication and music needs in one clean, easy-to-use device.”

“This integration gives our C4000 solution an edge over our competitors — the ability to help our customers improve their brand through professionally curated music and customized promotional messages in a convenient fashion,” said John Minnick, VP of Product Development for Bogen Communications.

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About SoundMachine

SoundMachine brings commercial background music to the fore with a subscription-based service that gives business owners everything they need to create a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience in their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas, or other locations. Clients can choose from three levels of service, with all subscribers receiving full Public Performance licensing in the U.S. and Canada, access to SoundMachine’s collection of professionally curated playlists, and the ability to mix playlists to create the perfect audio backdrop, insert promotional messages, schedule different types of music for different times of day, and control music in multiple chain locations from a central account. Subscribers to the Enterprise plan can also request a custom playlist created specifically for their needs, and those who sign up for Business Premium powered by Napster receive access to an expanded catalog of millions of songs and hundreds of curated stations, along with the ability to create their own custom stations starting from a single artist or song, building a consistent mood. SoundMachine now serves more than 10,000 locations across several countries, with customers including major fashion luxury brands such as Loewe (LVMH Group) and La Perla; hotel, restaurant, and coffee shop chains; and thousands of medium to small businesses. SoundMachine partners include major telecom companies, such as Vodafone, as well as thousands of AV installers.

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