audio messaging

How businesses are using audio messages in the COVID-19 era

July 28, 2020
With the global pandemic redefining the business world as we once knew it, many companies are being forced to rethink how they communicate and deliver [...]

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Twitch just updated their copyrighted music policy

June 19, 2020
Twitch has joined other platforms in tightening its copyright policies and updated their community guidelines page to stress that streaming any music without the right to do so is strictly forbidden. [...]

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av dealers

The rise of hybrid revenue models for AV dealers

May 29, 2020
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is calling into question how business works, and specifically how individual businesses adjust to new challenges and new opportunities. [...]

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Spotify now on your business

March 10, 2020
You can now import your Spotify playlists to SoundMachine and listen to them legally in your business. [...]

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Curating Music for Businesses

January 7, 2020
SoundMachine paves the way for music curators to monetize playlists legally. [...]

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tune my music

SoundMachine and Tune My Music announce partnership

November 29, 2019
SoundMachine announced today that they have fully integrated into Tune My Music, the playlist transfer app. [...]

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SoundMachine and Soundiiz partner to allow import of playlists

November 19, 2019
SoundMachine has announced that they are integrating with Soundiiz, the playlist transfer app. [...]

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How does music licensing work for property managers?

September 24, 2019
While we are all subject to these laws, for a property manager, understanding them can be a gamechanger for working within the law without breaking it. [...]

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Scent & Music Marketing: The Perfect Pair

September 1, 2019
Scent marketing is the practice of using a pleasant aroma to enhance a company’s brand image, improve customer experience and increase sales. [...]

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