SoundMachine Player App for iOS and Android – Now Available

May 21, 2019 – SoundMachine, the premier music subscription service for business, has launched its new app for iOS and Android. This addition to the SoundMachine platform is the next step in the company’s commitment to creating the industry leading music experience for businesses. The app is now available worldwide, for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and all Android phones and tablets.

The new app enhances SoundMachine’s powerful music platform by enabling easy access to its hundreds of curated stations and catalog of millions of songs for large and small retailers, restaurants, spas and any other company looking to enhance their physical space. The improvements in the new app include an entirely new interface with the ability to browse genres, stations, My Stations, mixes and schedules. Users can also like and dislike songs in real time, see and manage users and control the SoundMachine player remotely. The app also works as a music player for those who wish to play content directly from their phones or tablets.

“This innovative new app makes SoundMachine accessible at the touch of a button. This will significantly enhance the experience for all the business owners and managers who want to control their in store music with a phone or an iPad – a common scenario for smaller businesses” said Matteo Luppi, Co-Founder and CEO of SoundMachine. “By working as a player and a remote control at the same time, our new app is making a statement in simplicity, ease of use and quality.”

The SoundMachine app is available through Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. Users can sign up at for either the Business Premium plan or the Business plan. The service can also be used via the SoundMachine web player on any computer, SoundMachine’s dedicated player hardware, or through third-party devices like BlueSound, Bogen, Control 4, Dish, Fusion Research, Lode, NAD or SONOS.

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About SoundMachine

SoundMachine brings commercial background music to the fore with a subscription-based service that gives business owners everything they need to create a seamless, engaging and on-brand music experience in their stores, restaurants, hotels, spas or other locations. Clients can choose from three levels of service, with all subscribers receiving full Public Performance licensing in the U.S. and Canada, access to SoundMachine’s collection of professionally curated playlists, and the ability to mix playlists to create the perfect audio backdrop, insert promotional messages, schedule different types of music for different times of day, and control music in multiple chain locations from a central account. Subscribers to the Enterprise plan can also request a custom playlist created specifically for their needs, and those who sign up for Business Premium powered by Napster receive access to an expanded catalog of millions of songs and hundreds of curated stations, along with the ability to create their own custom stations starting from a single artist or song to build a consistent mood. SoundMachine now serves more than 10,000 locations across several countries, with customers including major luxury fashion brands such as Loewe (LVMH Group) and La Perla, hotel, restaurant, and coffee shop chains and thousands of small to medium businesses. SoundMachine partners include major telecom companies, including Vodafone, as well as thousands of AV installers.